FELCO F6 7.25" Smaller Hand Pruner


Brand: FELCOColor: RedFeatures: Sold on AmazonBinding: Lawn & PatioPublisher: FelcoDetails: FEL6 Features: Product Type: -Pruning Shears. Dimensions: Overall Heigh...

Customers Review

Great deal - 64oz replacement carafe

Outstanding - fits my 5200 and seems to work even better than the original which I've had for 4 years and only replaced because our my office cleaners threw my original one out (wtf?!). I was delighted to discover that it also came with a tamper and works beautifully. My 'baby' is back in action! I depend on this powerhouse to fight my RA by following an all raw (and no oil of any sort) lifestyle and while this is allowing me to get off the terrible drugs I am completely dependent on my Vitamix to make it less of a chore. The few days without my food partner were miserable

Vitamix 15856 Container, 64-Ounce, Clear

This tool is a must for blade and O-Ring changes on older Vita Mix!! Don't forget to order this!

There are a lot of VitaMix wrenchs available. This is one of the few with a reasonable price. You must order this tool if you want to change the blades and O-ring on your older model Vita Mix. This tool is needed to loosen ,remove the retainer and then replace and retighten the new replacement blade and O-RING into the retainer. Do not just the blade change without a new O-RING. New O-RINGs seal and prevent troublesome leaks aournd the blades and out the bottom of the mixing unit, When reassembling, I used a little olive oil to lube the o-ring and make it easy to remove next time.

Vitamix Wrench, Metal - 15596

The blade my 780 should have come with

Like many, my introduction to whole fruit/vegetable juicing was with a NutriBullet. VitaMix was my next choice as I sought durability and larger capacity for my hot new healthy significant other. But the VitaMix 780 just didn't blend nearly as well as my Bullet. I'd have to push and shake and push etc. 3-4 times. I was missing my Bullet and feeling buyer's remorse. I figured the VitaMix needed more blade pitch or more blade area to equal the Bullet. So I gambled this blade would do the trick. And boy, does it. I might still need to push or stir once, but that's it. With this Advance blade, my 780 works the way a blender is supposed to work. It's a head-scratcher why VitaMix doesn't make this blade standard equipment.

Vita-Mix 015990 Adv Blade Assembly

Genuine replacement; the only way to go.

This tool is a must for blade and O-Ring changes on older Vita Mix!! Don't forget to order this!My VitaMix 5200 was out of warranty by a couple of months (of course!) when it started growling whenever I tried to use it. My blender is relatively lightly used, and this should not have occurred. I knew it was the blade assembly because the machine operated silently when I turned it on without a container and with my dry-blade container. Anyway, I ordered this genuine replacement part, it was delivered the next day, and, once more all is running smoothly. I already owned the wrench for attaching the assembly, and I recommend using one.

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

Easy to replace, better than what was on there!

I killed this part of my Vitamix making cat food (spoiled cat) and was none-too-happy about it, since the blender was $400. Thankfully this part came right away, and was even better than the original. My husband put it on in about 5 minutes, without having to use instructions, and noticed that rather than being filled with glue, there is a little replacement screw to hold this replacement piece in place. I'm stoked that Vitamix sells this right through Amazon, and it's inexpensive, rather than making me put all my checkout info into yet another online store.

Vita-Mix 000891 Drive Socket Kit